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Korento Europe FAQ

What is Infor Agility?

Infor Agility is Infor’s Service delivery model, a program that combines Agile Methodology with advanced Implementation Accelerations (IA 4.0), Process Intelligence tooling, Migration Factory approach, Testing as a Service (TaaS), and Consumerized Learning.
Infor Agility has a 60/30/10 approach and is focused on delivery by using in the agile mindset that translates into multiple go-lives and strategic iteration that’s continued, on-time, and on-budget. The Infor Agility 60/30/10 approach (Core, Differentiators and Unique) has been created to determine which processes are most important to differentiate themselves

Throughout the Infor implementation, we will be your primary contact. We lead the project, creating shorter lines of communication and quicker turnarounds.

In addition to being your primary contact, we will also offer support in the configuration of Dutch localization elements within Infor Global HR, provide advice in the selection of a payroll provider and we will have direct contact with the providers for all required interfaces.

We are there for you, supporting you during this change within your organization and beyond!

In preparations for the implementation project, you can take the following actions within your organization:

  • Establish an internal project team
  • Identifying the existing HR processes and organizational structure within your organization and determine if there are processes that will be changed or that you would like to change.
  • Gather and clean up your HR-related data (function, pay, contract, employee personal information related data)
  • Gather report examples

After the implementation project, we will continue to support you by keeping you up to date on essential product releases that would help you ensure that you are getting the most out of your software.

Infor offers the following support to customers:

  • Access to Infor Campus (e-learnings, instructor-led and self-direct training)
  • Infor 24/7 helpdesk

In addition to Infor’s support, we offer complimentary services:

  • You can contact us during office hours with your functional support questions.
  • Quarterly meeting with us to discuss organizational changes and new releases Infor HCM.

We also offer Functional Management service options:

  • Year subscription: service provided based on contracted tasks and responsibilities during office hours.

Flexible subscription: service provided on a request basis during office hours.

You can contact us at +31 263 898 900 or send a Whatsapp message to Marion Westerbeek at +31 622 931 374


Consumerized Learning
Unique concept which provides a personalized, social, online learning experience for users.

Implementation Accelerator
Industry-leading business processes include application configurations, implementation playbook, tools, and templates.

Migration Factory
Tool to migrate and/or convert data in an efficient and qualitative way.

Process Intelligence
Tool to monitor and improve your business processes powered by Signavio. Infor Process Intelligence is a platform that generates easy to interpret visual representations of your data, giving you clear visibility into how your business processes are performing.

Testing as a Service
Regression testing refers to re-running already existing test scripts to ensure that newly added changes don’t affect the rest of the systems. Pre-defined automated test scripts based on IA business process flows, which aligns with our 60:30:10.