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HCM Projectmanagement

We are a key implementation organisation for Infor. We can manage your HCM implementation project according to the current and international project management standards based on a clear project- and process assessment.

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HCM Business Consultancy

We can assist you to align your strategy planning with your business and management control instruments. We are able to customize your integrated business, customer and human capital data analysis.

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HCM Technical Consultancy light

Our technical consultancy services are provided depending on the technical capabilities of your own team. In a light version the consultancy is just the transfer of knowledge and experiences to your technical staff.

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HCM Technical Consultancy plus

For intensive technical consultancy we team up with ICS Consultancy Services. Together we cover all the issues of business process management, testing, analysing and optimation of infrastructures and the integration of systems.

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Dear CEO, CFO, HR Manager, HR Specialist,

You and your organisation successfully came through the transition from manual to digital process control. To improve the performance of management and staff you now require another way of support. You are looking for benefits for your people being your crucial asset for continuation of success.

The traditional human resource management instruments do not accurately respond to your new needs to support your strategy in fields of competency and performance management. Self-service agreements require another way of transparency and reporting.

You want to customize the agreements with your staff, to develop your staff and to flexible implement the outcomes of your satisfaction surveys for the improvement of development and well-being of your people. This automatically results in a better productivity and in better performance results.

Human Capital Management (HCM) offers you the solutions you are looking for in a comprehensive set of experiences, tools and reports for integrated recruiting, training, management and development of staff.

Let us guide you through our possibilities of cooperation.

Best regards,

Marion R. Westerbeek